Most Affordable Windows 10 Laptops

Everyone desires to have a brand-new laptop that offers top-class features of his choice, but you need thousands of dollars to buy a notebook. Some people do not want to break the bank by spending a considerable amount of money purchasing a laptop.

They do not want to spend thousands of dollars buying a computing machine; instead, they feel happy buying affordable and comfortable laptops that get the job done without superior branding.

If you are looking for the best accessible Windows 10 laptop within the price range of $250 to $350, there are few window 10 laptops, all priced under $350, and are ideal for most day-to-day tasks. These are new laptops not refurbished, and you can easily buy them from the market.

ASUS VivoBook

This Asus VivoBook laptop offers a low budget with fast processing speed features, which is ideal for students because it is fully compatible with Google Classroom. Its salient features are:

  • Display:        15.6-inch FHD display
  • CPU:              AMD R3-3200U processor
  • Hard Drive:   4GB DDR4 RAM
  • RAM:             128GB M.2 SSD storage
  • Window:      Windows 10 Home with S mode
  • Other:           Fingerprint reader, plenty of ports

You can easily buy this best affordable price laptop within $300 from the market. It will provide you a good price to performance ratio and value to the money you spend on it.

  Dell Inspiron 15 3580

Dell Inspiron 15 performs excellent day-to-day tasks. It equips with a powerful Intel Celeron Processor, RAM 4 GB, and storage capacity of 1TB, and it appears with an extensive type of different ports. The opportunity of attaching an optional DVD drive is available if you still need that. This laptop is excellent for performing ll tasks effectively, with enough power to manage daily tasks.

Its technical specifications are as below:

  • Display:       15-inch display
  • CPU:             Intel Celeron processor
  • RAM:            4GB RAM
  • Hard Drive:  1TB hard drive
  • Window:      Windows 10 Home

You can easily find this laptop in the market within the price of $300, and it will provide you the best value if we compare its price with the features offered. It is the most suitable substitute for delivering value to the money you will spend.

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