Why Chromebooks are the Best Option

Are you looking to buy a laptop that is affordable and easy to use? Consider the Chromebook because Google-based browsers chrome OS is the top choice when we think of the basics.

Chromebooks are developed on Chrome OS, and they are excellent for listening to music, watching movies, browsing on the web, playing games, distance learning, and connecting on social media.

The chrome OS-based functionality is best compatible with all cloud-based services we are using daily. Chromebooks help us greatly during Google applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Play, and much more. Google’s operating system (OS) and Google browser are totally free of cost and very easy to use. If we compare Google chrome OS with Apple macOS operating system, the Apple macOS is relatively much expensive than Google Chrome OS.

More additionally, the Chrome operating system (OS) has less probability of having malware attacks. You sign in with you, Gmail, and it’s good to go.

Chromebooks are best for their affordability because they provide all necessary functions to users at a very low cost, normally ranging from $ 250 to $500 for mid-range Chromebooks. They have great HD screens, adequate CPUs, and a minimum of 4GB RAM. You can also discover touchscreen models in this price range if you need them. Premium featured Chromebooks cost ranges between $500 and $1,000.

Chromebooks in this price range have premium features such as powerful processing, graphics, and battery life to compete with traditional Windows and Mac laptops. Chromebooks are the best fit for students because they provide a very good environment for multiple users to share the same notebook. So the students can complete their study assignments on a sharing basis using the same Chromebook.

If your computing work is technical or you want to run heavy software for your professional tasks, then you need a window laptop or Mac because Chromebook will not be much more helpful in this case. You have to rely on cloud services for storage purposes while using a Chromebook because Chromebook will not provide you much more storage capacity.

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